Industrial Design Projects

SPA Scooter | 2002

Scooters are a common form of transportation in Taiwan, and I developed this SPA concept scooter in order to help mothers transport more stuff more easily. The existing scooter design doesn’t match a mother’s needs, You often see them riding in the street with lots of bags in the kickstand area so they have to open their legs really wide, while the child in the backseat always looks as if he or she’s about to fall.  And so the SPA concept was born. Meaning “Simple, Pleasure, Accommodate”, the scooter design maximizes potential space by changing the position of the engine and freeing up the area underneath the seat to allow the safe stashing of shopping bags (handily placed hooks help here). The seat back can be raised to give more stability when a child is riding pillion, or lowered to seat another adult. As for the delicate design of the whole, Wang claims it was inspired by a Chinese fairy, while the charmingly shaped mirrors are intended to reference the wings of a bird.

COMPANY NCKU Graduation Project

Industrial design, 3D Modeling, Physical product prototyping

Ceiling Fan Designs | 2006

Chu Pang Industrial Co.,Ltd

Industrial design, 3D Modeling, Manufacture tooling knowledge

Sify Scooter 3D Modeling | 2007

Having fun 3D modeling this fabulous concept scooter from Battle Angel Alita

Industrial design, 3D Modeling