LinkedIn Search Projects

LinkedIn Search Type Ahead  |  Mar 2010

Search type ahead is a fast search assistant tool that help members quickly navigate to the page they want. At that time, LinkedIn's search system was still broken into different search verticals such as people, company, job..etc. The Search Type Ahead I designed is the first time we able to unify search results from different search verticals and help member get to what they want with typing a few character. Post launch we saw a huge lift of member page views who using this feature. 


Unified Search Early Phase Exploration & User Research  |  Jun 2010

This is a concept design project for attempting to bring all search verticals into one simple search results page. The design, planning and research I did in this project had fueled Search team get funded. It's an extremely technology heavy project and I'm so glad we able to achieve at 3 years after this initial concept project. Check out the unified search launch blog post


LinkedIn Company Search  |  Oct 2010

Launch blog post 

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