Remember Bill Moggridge

Designer Bill Moggride just pass away few days ago. He is the designer of the 1st laptop, co-founder of IDEO, author of Designing Interaction 

I do have the honor to sit in Bill’s classroom when I was studying IIT ID. And I will miss Bill so much. The memory is still fresh, sitting in his classroom is always fascinating, even in the year 2007, he still insist to teach by pen and paper and project his drawing in real time on the projector. He IS the living body of empathy and humanity. I remember in one design class we are designing a ID card swiping reader (using our school own ID card). In the brainstorming I step out of the room alone and taking my ID card to experiment how different angle and distance will trigger the reader. Bill just stand beside me and look at me doing it. With full curiosity in his eye and no interference. Still too much to remember about Bill. Best wishes to Bill’s family.